Track Us

Georges and I will be carrying a SPOT for our trip. You can track our progress by clicking below.

TRACK US using SpotWalla

If you only see one dot, find the menu and click ‘Te Araroa’ then ‘Adjustments’. From here set it so the map shows the last month or three months or whatever you want. Then you should see our whole track. 

(Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow iframe codes except from Google; so I can’t embed the map here. :/ )

Just in case SpotWalla isn’t working, here is the link to the SPOT page. This page isn’t great because it defaults to only the last 7 days’ worth of data points. Here is another link to our SPOT Adventure page–this one is better because it is comprehensive. (Don’t mind the track already plotted, that’s the path, not our path.)

Joe and Liz explain SPOT and SpotWalla

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