The Trail


The Te Araroa is a 3,000 km trail running from the northern-most tip to the southern-most tip of both islands of New Zealand. It can be hiked northbound or southbound, but I think it is most common to hike from north to south. It is very young and not yet totally complete. The New Zealand Department of Conservation owns much of the land making up the trail, and I think they would like to own the whole trail some day. Other sections follow main roads, are through cities, or cross privately owned land.

Trail Stories are published of folks who have hiked the trail and kept a blog/page of their experiences (maybe Georges and I will be on there… 🙂 ) It’s cool to checkout the different experiences people bring to the trail and get from the trail. This section has also been a great resource for gathering knowledge and information for our planning.

Based on the pages of trail stories, there were just over 40 folks (with blogs) who completed the trail last year and a total of 70 who’ve blogged/Facebooked/YouTubed about it before that. Adding the numerous folks who’ve surely hiked the trail without telling the internet, it’s safe to say the Te Araroa is not yet a massly populated and trekked thru-hike (like America’s Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails). Though this adds a distinct element of risk, I am really excited to be hiking a more rugged and natural path.

On the flip side, planning has been much more challenging because of the trail’s youth. Some late nights I have certainly wished thousands had hiked before us so I could just copy and paste their plans (or just not plan at all)….But alas, on we plan.

It was because of the huge amount of gratitude and appreciation to those who have blogged before us, that I have (rather unwillingly) decided to creating this blog. Georges and I want our friends and families to know we are safe, but we also want to provide and add to the resources out there for people willing to take on this trail. Eat it up, fellow trekkers–and shoot me an email if you want any more information (please keep your emails to English, Luxembourgish, German, French or Spanish (otherwise prepare for Google translated conversations…)). 🙂

One thought on “The Trail

  1. LENTZ Cäcilia

    I have no time to read everything. But it seemes very amazing. Your trip must be a success. Best greetings specially for Georges, my godchild.
    I don’t know Morgan, but perhaps, we will know each other in the future.
    Bye bye and have a good time.


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