The beaches will be easy enough…

Though we are also bringing a GPS and two smart phones, we prefer a (global) compass and paper maps.

We are using printed versions of the annotated maps below. These are editable PDFs so they can be downloaded and adapted as desired. In the end we printed the maps booklet-style with maps 1 and 2 on the front of a page and 3 and 4 on the reverse. In Europe standard paper is what I think we call A4 in the states (it’s a bit longer than our typical 8×11) so keep that in mind if planning any printing (it worked beautifully). These (and many other good things) originally came from the TA Wiki.

There is a more current version of the maps dated September 2015. It would be wise to use the correct/current maps rather than ours. Ours are a good example of one way you can combine the trail notes and maps. We (somewhat painstakingly) went through ours after the Sept ’15 release and wrote in the changes by hand.

Our GPS is using a .gpx which has been loved and massaged for many hours into greatness. Unfortunately, it does have the base of the old maps. Also unfortunate, I can’t link a .gpx with WordPress, so if you would like us to email you the .gpx, drop us a note []. (If you wanted the plethora of information added into our .gpx, it wouldn’t be too hard to make the changes to our version which would make it the current trail–after all, I edited the printed maps by black ink pen.)

2014 Annotated Maps

Innumerable thanks to Georges who spent many, many hours refining these valuable tools.

One thought on “Maps

  1. Hi there!

    I’ll be attempting Te Araroa This December SOBO from Cape Reinga. You mentioned that you are willing to send the GPX file? I was unable to find your email and am acquiring all the information I can get in terms of navigation to make my life easier.

    My email is
    Alternatively, my website is

    Good luck for the adventure.


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