Well, folks; we finished the Te Araroa.



It took us four and a half months, hundreds of packs of chicken-flavored instant noodles, thousands (if not millions) of peanuts, two pairs of shoes each, four rolls of toilet paper and a whole lot of perseverance.

When we are back in the States, I will upload pictures of the second half of the South Island. And maybe the entire rest of the trip. We are thinking about making a photo book–not just one for ourselves but a professional one too, so I’ll keep you posted on that as well.

We are now in Queenstown waiting for G’s sister to fly in and hike with us for a couple weeks. Since finishing, we’ve gone out east to see the Caitlins–beach, waterfalls, sea lions, dolphins and panguins–and made our way back up to Queenstown. Tomorrow we start some volunteer work with the Department of Conservation and we are hoping to hit a couple of impressive hikes this weekend.

Can’t wait to be back home. Even though I’ll miss New Zealand and the Te Araroa immensely. All great things should end so you can get to the next one coming, right?

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