The Best Forest Ever

Because I’m running out of time to write new posts, I’m going to bridge the remaining with captioned pictures and short explanations. Lots will be left out, but you guys probably won’t mind. 🙂

The following is a summary of the best forest section so far. It had three huts and so took us four days to hike through. We loved it. I was very, very afraid of day 3 because it was said to be 12 km, 10 hours–which would have to be so hard it would be worse than anything we had faced. I had been bracing and prepping myself for several days about this forest, praying I could make it through that day.

It was the most beautiful trees and plants. It had the most wonderful summit views and both summits were easy ascents. The huts were awesome. We loved it all.

Also, we met another couple Te Araroa hikers, Lindsay and Cory–from Florida (USA). G and I have been asked if we are the American couple, and we decided a couple weeks ago we weren’t. Turns out it’s Lindsay and Cory. Lindsay showed up at the second hut only an hour before sunset. She had left Cory at the Bog Inn Hut in a dispute and pushed through to the second hut. We met Cory the following night at the 3rd hut–he having pushed through to skip the second hut. Lindsay arrived to find us having built a pretty hot fire in the wood stove–we wanted to cook our dinner on it…and the hut was huge! It needed a lot of heat to be warm enough for G; plus, we were hoping we might get it warm enough to still be warm in the morning. We have many hilarious memories of Lindsay trying to cope with the rather extreme heat we had created….even I was in just underwear and a light tanktop when she arrived. Hahaha… 🙂 too bad you guys weren’t there to share the great deal of laughter. In the third hut (our second with Lindsay), we didn’t make such a fire….

Track started on a cycle path which was well groomed
Our trail took us off the bike track to summit a mountain and then returned us to the bike track. The forest was awesome.
The trees were enchanted with childhood fairy tales.
This was the easiest and most beautiful summit we’ve done.
Full views in every direction.


We left the summit after lunch to head to Bog Inn Hut.
THe forest continued to be awesome.


Bod Inn Hut!! Our first official hut!!!
The inside of this hut was super cool. Very rustic.
A mirror!! (something we get very infrequently)
Plenty of bunks to pick from!
Built 1960 by the Forest Research Institute
Did some laundry (gotta keep those panties clean)
The next day took us on to the second hut. Still in awesome trees.
Another summit
This summit didn’t have views, so we ate our nuts and fruit by the sign.
Track heads back down to the trees
We get lost!! Backtrack…
No wonder why…
Sweet trees
Yes, that’s my butt; but it was necessary to help you understand what an ‘ascent’ is. STEEP
More cool trees
Hut number 2!
Way luxurious compared to Bog Inn! Not many pictures because we were busy taking bathes, making roaring fire, cooking dinner, doing laundry, enjoying the luxury….
Another day in the woods. Not sure what to expect since trail notes say 12 km, 10 hours but sign says 12 km, 7 hours.
Turns out the restful 5 hours was the answer (based on GPS progress). So G did some dental surgery and removed this sliver of nut that had been severely irritating my back moral for over a week. True love… 🙂
Almost to the 3rd hut!!
Hut number 3!!
Lindsay was already there. (you can see why I called it Hut number 3…)
Cute hut, right? Lots to read and enjoy while resting on the front porch. But we don’t spend too much time in the sun so you can see me on the left and Lindsay’s legs top center as we take tiny naps. 🙂
G’s shoes–retaped yet again
The last day out of the forest
Out of the forest and onto the road; great views!!


A horse!


Pretty stream
Cute man
Where we slept after hitching into Tameranui to resupply and down to Owhango for the start of the next track. Nice little campsite.




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