Mountain Bike FAIL

So, waking up from our riverside campsite, we had made arrangements to mountain bike the next section, called the 42rd Traverse–it is a cycle track, so we thought we’d cycle it. The guy was bringing the bikes from National Park Village and would be picking the bikes up after a long day of biking. G and I thought it would be so cool to do a section by mountain bike.

This is the hike we thought we would bike. We would be going from right to left….a LOT of uphill.


It wasn’t.

We were so excited!

We had even made these pack covers from plastic.


But it was an epic fail. I was crying within 20 minutes. My bike was crap. G and I both struggled with the fitness demands. And I ripped the crotch of my pants wide open trying to mount the bike on a hill. We didn’t even make it to a piece of level ground (assuming one might have come).

I called the guy back and asked him to come get us and the bikes. We decided we’d skip the section and bike around National Park Village (our next town destination) for the day. Then we’d go back to the complicated plan we had made the day before in the Tameranui iSite.

He came and picked us up and took us to National Park Village. From there we headed out for a much more feasible loop mountain biking track. The pictured view of the mountain is Mt. Doom from the road down to National Park Village.


Most unfortunately….Georges tried to take a ledge around a deep mud puddle and ended up flipping sideways and doing a backflip into the mud. 😮 I won’t go into detail about how he felt, but it is enough to say he was upset.

We skipped the end of the track (which was a really rough road the whole time) and got on the nearby state highway.

Back in National Park Village (which is a backpackers, a restaurant/bar, a gas station and a café that rents bikes) we returned our bikes and asked where we could do laundry. They recommended the Backpackers.


We went to the Backpackers to do one load of laundry. We stayed for three nights.



2 thoughts on “Mountain Bike FAIL

  1. I am glad to hear from you guys! and that is seems to be going a little better. I love the forest pictures! and am very happy to see all the pictures! It makes it easier to picture what you are seeing 🙂 Love you!!!!


  2. MommaMary

    Wild Adventures! If I could, I’d send a whole roll of duct tape to repair G’s shoe! Many’s the time I’ve repaired things with tape during my travels….worry not. Hope you are both healthy and well. Love and miss you both–Mary and John.


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