Lillian and Bruce

Georges decided we should stay in the campsite. Happy to go back to sleep, we both rolled over and slept in until about 7:30 a.m.. Unable to sleep anymore, I got up and started my morning. It is very cold most of the time in New Zealand; the one time you can expect warmth is in the sunlight. Unfortunately, when we had set up the tent, all the spots which would get morning sun were occupied. I meandered from sun spot to sun spot to go to the bathroom, filter water, get breakfast stuff out.

Georges said he wanted to shower (even though I told him he should wait until the sun is in the campsite….) and he wanted me to wait to have cereal until he was finished. blahhhhhh. Eventually, he joined me outside the tent. We went about claiming the next spot we would move the tent to, having breakfast there at the sunny picnic table and building our very first fire since coming to New Zealand. 🙂


We spent the day luxuriously. Lillian and Bruce, who we met the night before, invited us to dinner that evening. The night before, they had invited us inside their RV for wine, warm drinks and great conversation. We looked forward to spending more time chatting with them.

G pointed out that it was the first rest day I had which I didn’t have to spend blogging…which, I love you guys, but I enjoyed very peacefully. We bathed from our kitchen pot. I washed my hair. We napped in the sun. I did laundry. We studied the maps. Peaceful.

Dinner was unbelievable. Lillian and Bruce, a retired couple, travel in their RV and enjoy cycling and hiking nearby day hikes from their campsites. They made breaded chicken, golden potato wedges, and a dish with bacon, asparagus and red peppers. They also treated us with crackers, chips and cheeses; wine (juice for Georges); and ice cream with apricot pastries for dessert. We loved the food, but the conversations over dinner and the evening fire they lit for us, was ideal.


It was a wonderfully peaceful day absorbing sunshine and good company.

And to top it all off, Lillian and Bruce offered to take us in their car up the beginning of the next day’s track–saving us several hours. The next section is three days in the forest. Huts each night, which we were greatly looking forward to, but still…another forest….


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