Waitomo Caves

We have been in Waitomo for three days. The first was spent recovering. The second and third were spent blogging. Georges did some sewing repairs and improvement to gear and worked to organize some scheduling things.

The hostel was also a collection of orphaned animals–all of which Georges took extreme pleasure in petting, feeding and spending time with.

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We went on a glowworm cave adventure that was lots of fun. We repelled though cave waterfalls, squirmed through tight water passages, climbed over wet cave cliffs and learned about the glow worms from up close and personal seats. There were four of us in the group and the three guides were great. We had a good time and enjoyed the adventure.

After caving we met Eelco and Luke at the local pub for dinner. It was a fun gathering but we talked about and acknowledged recent struggles and big picture thoughts of failures and successes.

It was likely the last we’d see of Luke, but we are planning to visit Eelco’s pub after we finish the trail in March. I hope both continue on in good health and strong resilience.
This morning we head back out for the bushes. Our days and nights spent in this tiny village have been filled with incredible vistas of Mt. Doom and scenes straight out of fairy tales. The hills and grasses here make breathtaking vistas, and the light of setting and rising suns has painted the landscapes in indescribable beauty. We are excited to hike through these pastures, despite the stupid steepness. I’m sure there’ll be jungle soon, but I pray I’ll make it through ok. We will be on the highly revered volcanic Tongerero Apline Crossing in 10 days and ain’t no jungle growing on Mt Doom or volcanos!! In three weeks we’ll kayak for an eight day passage. And before long Philippe and Dr. Doorenbos will be with us through mid-Janurary. I’m holding out hope for the warmth and forests of the Alps in the South Island, and I’m hoping to recover some internal sunshine soon.

Thanks for thinking about Georges and me, and thanks for sending us positive thoughts. We’re not actually on holiday like you might think; we’re in some kind of hellish boot camp with funny talking people and really pretty landscapes.

Happy Thanksgiving, in case I miss it!!! Eat an extra helping for me 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Waitomo Caves

  1. Darlene Doorenbos

    Well I just finished reading your blog and I have to say I shed a few tears, also. You are such a brave and courageous woman. I am sending prayers and positive vibes your way. And Roy has gotten his ticket so I guess he is truly coming! Love ya, kiddo, Darlene


  2. Hey, Morgan! I’ve been thinking of you and praying you and Georges are well. Love reading the blog but makes me really glad I’m not there. I definitely don’t want to work that hard. Please take care of yourselves as best you can. And thanks for sharing a bit of the adventure!

    Grace Vega


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